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What is Brassroots Training Solutions?

Brassroots Training Solutions is your premier provider of Fire and EMS courses across the State of Oregon. We are committed to delivering high-quality, accessible, and comprehensive certification courses that equip emergency responders with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles. Whether you are looking to advance your career or enhance your department’s capabilities, Brassroots Training Solutions is dedicated to supporting your journey with expert instructors, flexible scheduling, and a curriculum designed to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Join us in our mission to ensure safety and excellence in emergency services throughout Oregon!

Mission Statement

Providing the training you need, when and where you need it.

Meet The Owner

Keith Smith is the owner of Brassroots Training Solutions. His company’s mission statement is “Providing the training you need, when and where you need it”. We specialize in certificate training that is hard to get due to cost and distance. We will bring the training to you. Our hope is to increase professional certification all over the state of Oregon.

Prior to starting Brassroots in 2019, Keith retired from Clackamas Fire as their Training Chief.
Keith’s passion for fire service training started when he became an Assistant Training Officer in 2007. This is where he learned how difficult it was for fire departments to obtain quality certificate training and why advanced certification is lacking in our state. Our goal is to help change that.

We seek out experienced subject matter experts with the unique ability to engage students to learn! We believe we have some of the best instructors out there. Please see their Bios below.

Let us know how we can serve your department!

Meet The Instructors

Nick Browne

Fire Chief: Clackamas Fire District

Nick Browne is a man about Faith, Family & Fire. A Firefighters Fire Chief that takes pride in culture, makes fires, rolls hose, and cares about his people, the people he serves, searches, vent & time it takes to get extinguishment.

Chief Nick Browne began his career as a volunteer Firefighter in 2002 and started his career in 2003 in Idaho before being hired by Clackamas Fire in 2008. He served on the Oregon Urban Search and Rescue team, and rose through the ranks of Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Training Chief and Operations Chief before being named Clackamas Fire Chief in 2021. Clackamas Fire District serves 260,000 people over 300 square miles from twenty-five fire stations.

Nick has a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Service Technology and Kinesiology. He also has a master’s degree in business management and leadership. He has numerous professional certifications, unit citations, and leadership awards, including Firefighter of the Year, Medal of Courage, and Distinguished Service.

An All-American collegiate baseball player, Nick played in two national championships, which developed his working philosophy: Individuals do good things – Together, we can do great things. Nick is a devoted husband and father to four children and is active in his church and community.

Lance Lighty

Lance Lighty has over 40 years of experience in the Oregon Fire service. He started as a volunteer with Junction City RFPD in the early 80’s and is currently active as the operation chief. His first professional job was in Washington for the City of SeaTac where he spent one year before being hired with the City of Eugene. He spent 27 years with Eugene (Eugene Springfield Fire Department) and retired in 2018 as a Battalion Chief. During his career he was active in the regional haz mat teams, water rescue and wildland responses. He also worked as the planning section chief for the city’s Emergency Operation Center. Working as a planning section chief gave him experience with planning for the Olympic trials and civil unrest protest. He also spent one year as the Fire Chief for Hubbard RFPD.

After retirement Lance worked as an Interim Fire Chief for Williams Fire and Rescue, Training Chief for Junction City RFPD, and Logistics section Chief for the Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Lance is also the Incident Commander for the OSFM Green team and is qualified as a Type 1 Incident Commander. Being part of the state teams has gained him experience in managing large incidents including the Bootleg Fire, Eagle Creek, Double Creek, Miles, Riverside, and Holiday Farm fires along with numerous others fires and all hazard responses.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Jessi, gardening, traveling, and spending time with his grandkids. He enjoys golf, fishing, and hunting.

Rick Heuchert

Training Specialist: Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office

Rick Heuchert is currently employed by the Oregon State Fire Marshals Office as their Training Specialist. He was previously employed by Silverton Fire District as a Recruiter, Assistant Training Officer, and Lieutenant. Rick still serves the community of Silverton Fire District as a Volunteer Lieutenant. Rick has more than 15 years of structural and wildland firefighter operations. Since 2014, Rick has also been a member of the OSFM Incident Management Team as a Communication Unit Leader. From 2008 to present, he has deployed to over 25 team deployments including two deployments to California and a deployment to Florida. His roles during deployments have included Firefighter, Engine Boss, Communications Technician, Communications Lead and Logistics Section Chief.

When not working, you can find Rick out on the trail hiking, or four-wheeling with his Jeep and his dog Morgan, or just simply hiking in the woods. He enjoys the beauty that Oregon provides from the coast, through the forests, to the high desert plains of Eastern Oregon.

Ed Grambusch

Retired Assistant Chief Ed Grambusch worked in the fire service for nearly 34 years for the Silverton Fire District. Chief Grambusch’s education and training includes public communications, management development, incident command and hazardous materials. During his tenure, he has instructed at the local, state and federal level on many different topics. He has extensive field experience as a Public Information Officer at the local and national level. Chief Grambusch is a regular Instructor for Brassroots Training and has instructed NFPA Public Information Officer multiple times across Oregon. This is one of our most popular courses.

After retirement, Chief Grambusch moved to North Idaho with his family. He maintains his qualifications to instruct PIO in Oregon as a Subject Matter Expert.

Scott Carmony

I am proud to say that I have served for 36 years in the fire service, and 28 of those years as a professional firefighter with Clackamas Fire. I was promoted through the ranks at Clackamas and served the last nine years as a Battalion Chief until I retired in 2019. Prior to being promoted, I spent 19 years on a truck company as a firefighter, driver, and company officer. During this busy time I was able to develop my skills and knowledge in fire extinguishment, technical rescue, and leadership. As a Battalion Chief, I was honored to be assigned as the Special Operations Chief and was tasked with developing strategy and tactical components for promotional exams and instructing command and control at the fire officer academies.

My focus was and always will be on technical competence and direct emergency service delivery to the citizens. Today, I am leveraging my knowledge and experience to train today’s and tomorrow’s firefighters how to perform at a high level and be successful whether operating a smoothbore nozzle or commanding a greater alarm fire. To that end, I am blessed to have training platforms with Brassroots Training Solutions and Chemeketa Community College where I can share my message.

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